The inside scoop on Cloud Native, from its foundation until today

I joined Google in January 2014, and my first business trip was to Seattle. Hearing hushed hallway conversations about a skunkworks “Project Seven”, I returned to London to tell customers they really needed to start to move towards Docker, but I couldn’t tell them why.

Over the years, I held leadership roles in go-to-market and developer relations for Kubernetes and GKE. I helped launch and promote projects such as Istio and Knative. And, along with my good friend Adam Glick, I built a weekly audience in the tens of thousands with a unique blend of ecosystem news and contributor stories.

Someone recently compared me to Johnny Carson, which is simultaneously the highest possible compliment, and going to go right over the head of anyone under 30.

You can’t take it with you, so they say, and having left Google, I’m now writing (and occasionally podcasting) under my own name.

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